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                          In Aid of PUTTINU CARES
The world recently lost a diva, a great singer, leaving behind a legacy of
great music that no one will ever forget. Her death shook the world!
This is the latest project that Eleanor Cassar together with her band
ZoNe 5 has been working on. ‘Queen of the Night, - A Live tribute to
Whitney Houston’. Eleanor Cassar has been a follower of Whitney
Houston since the age of 13, She grew up listening to the Power Ballads
determined that she herself will one day have the opportunity to
interpret the songs on stage.
The concert will take place on the 27th May 2012 at the City Theatre in
Valletta. The concert will feature 18 of the most popular beautiful songs
of Whitney Houston together with features of a young Whitney starting as
a choir singer, to the fame and stardom in the 80s to songs from her
latest album before her demise.
The 10 piece band is already preparing in full swing to this Event, led by
talented musician Heathcliffe Balzan, being the brains behind this
project. It is going to be a night to remember for all those who are
passionate about Live music. Eleanor will live up to the concert’s name
‘Queen of the Night’ as she takes on the stage as the queen of night and
embark the audience on a musical journey as she interprets impeccably
the music that made Whitney Houston so famous. An unforgettable night
full of music, lights and glamour.
Apart from taking part for several years at the Malta Song for Europe,
and local prestigious festivals Eleanor Cassar achieved fame in
Kazakisthan, Tenerife, China, Romania where she won all international
Bookings will be open on and other designated outlets
around Malta. Tickets will be sold at Euro 12.00. More
information can be obtained by calling Lorraine on 99445783 or via email
on :