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Eleanor Cassar answers a call for blood donation



The National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) is once again calling for your support. The Centre is urging people who feel healthy to donate blood at the Blood Donation Centre next to St Luke's Hospital in Guardamangia between 8 am and 6 pm seven days a week including public holidays.

In a statement the NBTS declared that it is worried that it may not be able to provide blood in cases of emergency and some operations may have to be cancelled as the reserves of some blood groups are very low. The Centre also urges blood donors to be as regular as possible as the need for blood is on the increase.

Popular singer Eleanor Cassar has responded to the call this week by visiting the Blood Donation Centre and donating blood in order to help address the current shortage in blood supply and to increase public awareness. 'There is nothing more noble than the act of giving blood and saving lives, after all it could be one of my family members or even myself that suddenly requires blood!' said Ms Cassar after the blood donation took place.

Anyone interested in donating blood is advised to eat lightly and drink water before visiting. Alchohol and food that contains high fat content, such as junk food should be avoided before the blood donation as this may impact the results of the blood tests.

For detailed information please visit or cal 2123 4767